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Project Date

April, 2012


Parsons Water and Infrastructure, Inc.


City of Austin


Krieg Access Manhole, Austin TX

ECS Job Number:



(2) 12,500 CFM Skid-mounted VX Radial Flow Systems

In early 2012 ECS received a contract to design and supply (2) 12,500 CFM activated carbon systems. The VX radial was selected due to its high efficiency and small foot-print.

VX Accessories

  • High efficiency ECS sound enclosures
  • Coconut-based carbon media with excellent organic and H2S removal efficiencies
  • 9’ Diameter by 12’ tall filament wound FRP vessels
  • Epoxy-coated steel equipment skids
  • No-loss SMACNA designed FRP high-velocity exhaust stacks
  • FRP fans by NYB

All Components of these two odor control systems were manufactured and assembled in the ECS manufacturing facility - with the exception of the control panel, fan and flexible connectors which were outsourced and assembled prior to delivery.

FRP components (vessel, transition, damper and sound enclosure) were manufactured using a class 1 flame retardant vinyl ester. Any surfaces exposed to the corrosive environment had a 100-mil corrosion liner applied.

High-quality and durable FRP fill-ports made carbon loading quick and easy. Two men were able to load the 9000 lbs of activated carbon in less than an hour.

The systems were installed and commissioned in less than two days.

These new VX carbon absorbers represent the next generation of radial flow technology. A proprietary plenum-flow design moves airflow through the exterior space without having to rely on the carbon retention system or carbon itself to evenly distribute the air. The result is a properly utilized carbon bed and lower pressure-drop than conventional radial flows or even deep bed absorbers.



Media Exchange and Sales

ECS stocks a range of carbon and specialty media in our Texas warehouse. We offer aftermarket sales and full exchange service solutions.

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Odor and Media Testing Service

Trained technical personnel can conduct on-site odor testing. ECS can also conduct media testing to determine disposal requirements.

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Expertise to optimize an existing odor control system or equipment.

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Equipment Repair

Repair and/or replace broken components to get your system up and running properly.

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Equipment Services

ECS has a variety of temporary odor control systems available.

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Control Options

ECS offers a full range of odor control options; selection is typically based on the following criteria:

  • Odor compounds
  • Flow rate
  • Available space
  • Client experience /preference
  • Lifecycle and capital costs

Odor Control Systems

Odor control technology offerings include:

  • Activated Carbon
  • Chemical Scrubbers
  • ECS Ex-Pac Degasifiers
  • Biological Solutions

Odor Control Accessories

ECS Environmental Solutions offers a full range of accessories to complement our Odor Control Systems. Each of these components has been designed by ECS engineering staff and is manufactured in our Texas facility.