Activated carbon has been the back-bone of the odor control industry for years. Benefits of ECS activated carbon systems include:

  • O&M typically limited to maintaining belts and bearings on a fan
  • Economical treatment of H2S and other compounds at low to moderate concentrations
  • Economical treatment of up to 25 PPM H2S with the use of special water-regenerable carbon
  • Immediate treatment and suitable for interment use / odor
  • Ability to treat up to 35,000 CFM in a single 12′ diameter vessel using radial technology
  • Standard bed velocities do not exceed 60 f/m which reduces pressure drop and offers better bed utilization.
  • V1 and V2 systems are designed with 3′ bed depths, radial flows are designed with a minimum of 2.5 seconds contact time. This extends the time between media change-outs.

System Overview

  • Manhole Inserts
    Plastic insert with media canister that fits into manholes to treat escaping odors
  • Vent Solutions
    Small plastic unit that attaches to vent connections, treats up to 15 CFM
  • V1 Single Bed Systems
    (Click to view the V1, V1 TM and V1 SM sales sheets)
    Flow rates from 25 to 9000 CFM
  • V2 Dual Bed Component Systems
    (Click to view the V2 sales sheet)
    Flow rates from 6000 to 18000 CFM
  • VX Radial Flow Systems
    (Click to view the VX sales sheet)
    Flow rates from 3000 to 35000 CFM with reduced footprint
  • H-Series Component and Factory Packaged Systems
    (Click to view the H-series sales sheet)
    Flow rates from 100 to 35000 CFM

Media Overview

ECS offers a range of media options based on treatment objectives (removal rates and compounds in the gas stream)

  • Water Regenerable Carbon (Click to view sales sheet)
    Excellent for high H2S applications where potable water and the ability to regenerate is available
  • High Capacity Carbon (Click to view sales sheet)
    Highest single-use carbon on the market. Excellent for high H2S applications where regeneration is not possible
  • Moderate Capacity Carbon Solution (Click to view sales sheet)
    Economical solution for applications with a moderate amount of H2S and moderate organic loading
  • Coconut Shell Carbon (Click to view sales sheet)
    Economical solution where H2S levels are low relative to organic loading
  • Ammoniasorb (Click to view sales sheet)
    Unique solution to controlling ammonia
  • PP Polishing Media (Click to view sales sheet)
    Potassium permanganate based compound