ECS Environmental Solutions offers a full range of accessories to complement our Odor Control Systems.  Each of these components has been designed by ECS engineering staff and is manufactured in our Texas facility.

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AMCA Licensed Dampers
ECS offers a wide range of isolation, volume control and specialty dampers
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FRP Ductwork Systems
Fiberglass ductwork and fittings to 120″ diameter
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Vessels and Chemical Storage Tanks
Round and rectangular tanks to 14′ diameter
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Hoods and Covers
Flat and domed tank covers, arched biofilter covers
Sound Attenuation
Fan sound enclosures and exhaust silencers
Supported or free-standing FRP stacks

Engineers at ECS can recommend a solution that best meets each client’s needs. Offering a range of technology options affords us the ability to take an objective look at the situation. Most companies only offer one or two technologies and tend to try and meet all applications with their offerings. At ECS we listen to our clients, and base our selection around a basic set of industry guidelines.